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A Childs Guide to Pronunciation Book

It is priceless!

Pages from our childs guide to pronunciation book

This guide is perfect for home-schooling parents, classroom teachers and anyone who works with children and wants to know the order in which phonics must be taught.

Parents with a child struggling with reading will find the help they need in order to make reading a rewarding experience instead of a daunting task.

This is the only comprehensive phonics work ever created specifically for children just starting out on the road to reading proficiency. The beauty of this program is that anyone can use it. No teaching credential is necessary.

I call the foundation of this program The Mighty Five: 

  • 1. Short vowel sounds 
  • 2. Long vowel sounds  
  • 3. Digraphs  
  • 4. Diphthongs  
  • 5. Rolling Vowels

School-age children will easily understand the principles taught here.

A Child’s Guide to Pronunciation can be used for bilingual children; it can be used in special education settings and is an ideal supplement to any reading program. Parents home-schooling, classroom teachers and their children, parents working to support what is happening in their child’s classroom should all have this guide at their fingertips.

This little gem was sent from on high. I had no idea where the ideas were coming from when I finally decided to turn a bunch of torn and tattered pages of notes into this guide. 

A Child’s Guide to Pronunciation contains all the basic elements of phonics in their simplest form. It was written by me, Ann Ireland, because many teachers asked me to explain why I had such great success teaching my children how to read.